I am glad you are here!

As a result of my many experiences owning and operating a small local business, as well as serving on Norfolk’s Planning Commission, I see a great opportunity to further serve the citizens of our community as the Norfolk City Treasurer.

Some guiding principles of my professional life, and my service as a Norfolk Planning Commissioner, have been accessibility, fairness, customer service, and innovation.  I will continue to put forth these principles as the Treasurer of Norfolk.  I have several exciting and innovative ideas to make the City Treasurer’s office more user friendly, accessible, convenient, and transparent to the community.

My vision for the future of the City Treasurer’s Office is to implement processes and controls to ensure the city’s business is conducted in an open and transparent fashion that clearly demonstrates accountability while instilling trust.   Another big component of my platform is to strengthen the Treasurer’s Office community outreach, by establishing easy to use hotlines for assistance, creating virtual and mobile offices to better bring our services to you, and to introduce personal growth seminars on banking and personal finance.

I encourage you to read through our website and learn more about me and learn more about my new ideas.

Feel free to email me at Matt@MattHalesNorfolk.com or call me at 757.650.5664 with any questions, concerns, or ideas on how to better serve you.

Why is the City Treasurer an Elected and Constitutional Office?

Cities and Counties in the Commonwealth of Virginia are served by five elected “constitutional officers”.  They are so named because they are provided for under Article VII, Section 4 of the State Constitution. The five officers are Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue, Sheriff, Circuit Court Clerk, and Commonwealth’s Attorney. The Office of the Treasurer is responsible for all activities related to the receipt and collection of revenue, the safekeeping and investment of revenue, and an accurate accounting for and the disbursement of revenue.

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